16 February 2012

Now I'm on a roll

Brother and sister in matching hats. Same hats 2 years ago = sisters in matching hats with appropriate names. This is actually the hat Fletcher has worn this year. Whatever. I didn't have to buy him one and he loves it.

A few pics from our family trip to a Carolina basketball game. We ended up getting a tour of the administrative offices and got a sweet pic with the trophies. What is not pictured is Fletch getting his shoes all over Roy's couch. Not cool.

Bearded Daddy!

Flags flying at the Manning household, representing the family members inside. (Saul was absent, so the UVA flag was stowed away.) (Christie went to Wisconsin.)

Cousins at Christmas!

Fletcher likes balls.

Before and after sushi boat pictures. (Yes, two individuals consumed this amount of sushi. One of them is 6'4" and the other spends about half her spare time at the gym so ... big appetites. Big people.)

Just a man and his kids.

Vaughn loves Chinese culture. And wants to be Daddy's Girl by learning to program. Which yes, he is teaching her.

Vaughn won an iPod Shuffle for reading so much over Christmas. For reals!

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