12 September 2011

First days of school

So first we have Vaughn's, which was almost 3 weeks ago at this point. We were all a little nervous because a lot of her friends are all in the same class (not hers) but we really do love Ms Rogers (Soon-To-Be-Something-Else; she's getting married in a few weeks). One of the reasons we love Ms Rogers is that she went to Carolina. Another is that she's really young and has a lot of energy (read: no kids of her own). Vaughn really loves first grade!

Next was Milla's first day, about a week ago. She was about to burst, she was so excited. She insisted on taking a picture with her lunchbox, which she won't be using until next week, but whatever. She is the hugest Red Room Girl you've ever seen and she is thankful every night for kindergarten. She just can't wait to ride the bus with Vaughn. In other news, she can't wait to be a teenager and go to college so that she can have apples and corn every day for breakfast. That is seriously what she said.

Last we have Fletcher, who would probably rather die than go back to preschool. (Even though he will, by god, tomorrow, which is his second day.) He was really enthusiastic about it until we got there and we told him we were leaving, as predicted, and almost even on cue. He was screaming as we left, and when I returned to retrieve him, I could hear him screaming before the door even opened. I could blame it on a lot of things, but moreover, I think he will figure it out eventually. I mean, he has to!!!

And now for a bit of Fletcher singing ...

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