23 August 2011

The rest of Texas

Well, the rest that I've documented photographically (thanks again, Android!) anyway.

Swimming in the hill country.

I mean, the kids are tan and toe-headed. This one in particular looks like a mermaid.

Deep Eddy, a place I remember from my childhood. It apparently was first built in the 1920s. It has a chlorinated side but there is also a spring-fed side (65 degrees in 105-degree weather -- nice!) that spills over into the first side. Good times, and the girls loved it! Public pools are cheap in Austin. How about that?

The Salt Lick. Seriously. The ribs are like butter.

The go-cart. Who knows? I don't see the appeal. I guess it's cool to be that close to the road for the kids.

We stopped to see Aunt Lou in Corsicana on the way back to NC, and we got to meet Ralston, who is almost 3 now. Geezers. How cool is this real, old school fire truck? At a playground!!

The kids sleeping in the car on the way home, including a pic of Milla sleeping with her eyes open. Freaky! Check it out ...

Not pictured: trip to Six Flags, Mommy and Daddy only; Hula Hut with the Hill family; drinks with the Davises TIMES TWO!; multiple trips to the auto repair shop, Fletcher's constant tantrums and Juan in a Million. Oy.

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