06 August 2011

A few pics from Texas trip (so far)

(Pardon all the smartphone pics. As I was told before I got one, it's addictive. And so easy to bring along with you everywhere you go. Yikes.)

First of all, we ran into some car trouble about 6 hours into the 22-hour trip, which was a real downer. Thanks to the kind people of Georgia (fire department, sheriff's department and Honda dealership), we were able to leave first thing the following morning and were only a day behind in our travels. Whew! Here is the place where we broke down and where the kids were (ahem)anxious for about two hours. We had shade, water and help. It could have been so much worse.

One of the first things we do when we get here (usually) is go to Rosie's a real dive Mexican place somewhat near my parents' house. Here is Fletcher with Dadaw's hat on. We're trying to entertain him while we scrape up the rest of the queso.

There is a rescue zoo somewhat near my parents' as well. People think they can take care of lions and pumas and monkeys but they're wrong! When they figure that out, they bring them to the Austin Zoo. Here are some pictures we got there -- awesome time for an awesome price!

Vacation is the perfect time to camp out and watch Tinkerbell movies, no?

I'd never done this but we rode the train at Zilker Park one day. The kids loved it. Well worth the $2 each. Fletcher -- you know, FREAKED OUT.

Have I mentioned it's around 105 every day here? There is a "new" outdoor mall by my parents' house and there are these "interactive fountains" for kids to play in, which are awesome. It takes about 20 minutes to get bored, but when you don't have a pool, you've got to find a way to cool off.

Today we went to see my good friends Kyle and Whitney and their kids -- two adorable little boys -- and we took a little walk in the swelter before we came back in to eat lunch. Milla and Ryder got along fabulously ...

More later!

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