01 July 2011

Wise beyond her years

I started up a conversation about the girls' potentially sharing a room, long-term, after they loved it so much during our beach week. I said, "Look, girls, if y'all really do like sharing a room, what you need to do is learn not to wake each other up in the mornings and keep each other up at night, and then maybe we can find some twin beds that we can put in Vaughn's room and y'all can share this room." They were thrilled!

Milla said, "Yeah ... so then ... I can move into Vaughn's room ... and Fletchy can move into my room ... and Daddy can move into Fletchy's room ... and --"

And then we all started laughing hysterically -- Mark and I because she was onto something (um, loud slumber on Daddy's part?) without even knowing it, and Vaughn probably because she's figured out what Milla hasn't: Mommy and Daddy don't really want their own bedrooms. Of course Milla got violently defensive and had to go to bed without stories, but it was still very, very funny.

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