06 July 2011

Milla's fourth birthday party

Since Milla's Pre-K classroom next year has a fish theme, Milla decided she wanted to have a fish party. I have to admit -- this is the hardest I've ever tried with a theme, going so far as to order paraphernalia and crafts online for a particular theme. Go me! We had a fish cake, which Vaughn stated looked more like a ray, but I "tried really, really hard, and [I] did the best [I] could do, so it's really, really great." To be fair, she was right. We also had a Slip N Slide and a shark-shaped baby pool to play in. Who needed further crafts after that? Our activity was in the yard! Amazing how easy it is to entertain four-year-olds.

By the way, a kid birthday party lasting an hour and a half is a perfect length. I highly recommend never going over that. Two hours is honestly entirely too long.

Another look at that fish/ray cake:

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Sarah said...

Dude that cake is AWESOME! And Milla needs to be a model. Like, yesterday.