06 July 2011

Milla's fourth birthday DAY

Not that it was anti-climatic at all for Milla to have her actual birthday the day after her party, but it WAS very exhausting for us to have them back to back. So there were fewer pictures taken on July 3 (and July 4, as you'll notice) than there were on July 2. Sorry, Beanie. She got a zillion gifts and they were all her favorite and you can see she's a bit obsessed with Rapunzel,Tangled-version.

Happy birthday to our most beautiful, funniest, sweetest, hugest, most inquisitive, most pondering Bean in the world. You have gotten more wonderful and more chugsy as the days have worn on and we cannot wait to watch you grow into a bigger and huger girl. You are such a refreshing reason to get up in the morning and such a beautiful sight as you sleep as well. My middle child, I hope that you fight for what you want and what you need until the day you die. We love you.

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