08 June 2011

Matching smiles!

Vaughn lost her the right of her two upper middle teeth last night (correction: Mark twisted and pulled until it came out), which makes her smile similar to Milla's now. They are very excited! What's a little not exciting is that you can already see Vaughn's new, adult tooth coming in, but Milla's should take about 3 more years to appear. Dagnabbit. The first attempt at capturing the "smile twins" in a photo just got cute faces, but not enough noticeable gaps, so we had to take a few more until we got them both just standing there with their mouths open.

Also, today we bought Fletcher his first backpack, with which he cannot part, if you can imagine. I'm just glad there was a Thomas backpack available at Target. I'd been talking it up, and if it hadn't been there, I believe he'd have gone down for a nap at 1145 instead of 1215.

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Sarah said...

So stinkin' cute. All of 'em.