12 June 2011

Belated England post

Here are some pics from England ...

Rowers on a Sunday morning under Lambeth Bridge, as well as an exhausted spectator after a red-eye flight:

Very cool shot of the palace guards on their way to Buckingham through Marble Arch:

And old friend/neighbour from Steele Road:

Some views of Windsor Castle:

Insert story regarding Windsor Castle: I took the train over there for the first time in my life and decided not to go inside after a) realizing it was about $25 to get in, 2) assessing the fact that I've seen probably a dozen castles in my lifetime and they really do all start to run together and d) I was physically removed from the premises when I let on to the castle bell-ringer that I was contemplating not going in. That's right. How rude!

The old place ... still sea foam blue, still standing! And more importantly, Lucy, Stephen and Emily still live next door.

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