05 May 2011

Carolina Inn is back on!

And the Vandegrifts are in full effect, if you can't tell. Well, that's unfair. Milla was sick last week so Mark stayed home with her while I took Vaughn and Fletcher. We invited some friends from Durham who'd never been, and I'm not sure they really appreciated it as much as we do (damn, there is a lot of traffic and I feel it probably caters to a particular mindset), but I think they enjoyed themselves.

Vaughn was really in her element.

She even managed to play nice with her little brother while other six-year-olds were around.

Though her best friend, Kaylie, was somewhat reluctant to join in at first, I think she found the bluegrass intoxicating ... eventually.

Tomorrow it's supposed to thunderstorm and it's UNC graduation so I'm not sure we'll be there, but, you know ... we'll be back to lose a sweater or something again sometime very soon.

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