10 April 2011

Multicultural Night

Vaughn's school is a magnet school -- but not the kind we imagined as elementary school kids ourselves ... the entry is not based on merit but on lottery. It's a "humanities magnet," which means they try to focus a lot on the humanities and they don't "teach to the standardized tests," which supposedly a lot of public schools do. ANYWAY, one of their big events is Multicultural Night, wherein the kids and their parents celebrate all the cultures that the student body represent, as well as, technically, all cultures.

We contributed by dressing Vaughn up in her hand-me-down Chinese silk dress from her cousin, Ashley, who wore it in Hong Kong when she lived there.

I sent that picture to my brother and sister-in-law, and Christie sent me back this amazing picture of Ashley wearing the same dress at the same age! So cool!

Vaughn and Milla were avid patrons/participants in the evening's activities ... first, Vaughn and Milla got totally into Zumba. (Mommy's girls!)

Then Vaughn participated in the kids' parade of clothes, representing China. (Picture wasn't so good.)

Finally, Vaughn helped me put together this totally rad display about Texas, which I totally believe is its own culture, so don't get me started!

We also made chili con queso and shepherd's pie (I had to do something English, even if I wasn't motivated to put together a visual display of one of the most depressing weather systems on the planet). It was a really fun night and the girls slept till 8 this morning!

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