09 April 2011

Fun on a rainy day

Milla's friend Lulu came over and they played Tiana ... which merely involved them dressing up Tiana's clothes and listening to the Princess and the Frog soundtrack three times in a row. Literally. Three times in a row. Fletcher would get so excited every time he'd see me make my way over to the stereo, only to be severely let down that we were listening to "Almost There" one more time. He was a pretty good sport about it, though. I think he'd do just about anything for Lulu, or any of Milla's friends, for that matter.

After naps, we played in the puddles while we waited for Vaughn's bus. I think this was Fletcher's first adventure in pooled, murky water, and it's pretty clear that he loved it. As he is the younger brother to two elder sisters, though, part of me thinks the accessories (boots) are what really won him over. (Notice Moody Milla's habitually sullen look.)

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