11 March 2011

Charlottesville, winter 2011

Here is a picture of all the cousins before bedtime ... Milla is holding her classroom's stuffed animal, Star. I was scared to death we were going to lose Star in Virginia and thus be responsible for her demise, as well as lots of 4-year-olds' tears, but she made it home in one piece. Whew!

This shot didn't quite work out, but it was really cute of Lolo and Tatters.

Cousins bathing together. It's terribly un-PC these days to show these kinds of pictures, but c'mon ... I know I have pictures of me and my brother and sister bathing with our cousins, so it just seems like a totally normal thing to do. I did my best to not show "bits."

(Milla and Star. It was hard to get Star and Grayson in and the bits out, so Grayson isn't pictured, but she was there.)

Vaughn and Lolo in their matching dresses they got from their OTHER, mutual cousins from New York for Christmas. Very exciting for six-year-olds!

We had so much fun and we even made the trip up and back without stopping in either direction, so our family is getting older and more flexible, which is totally fun for us! We can't wait to see the Toltons again, hopefully at Memorial Day.

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