05 February 2011

Visit with Grammie and Dadaw

My parents came to visit a few weekends ago, just in time to coincide with Boyd's wedding, which took up lots of our weekend. (Yes, it was planned that way.) I would say it was "fun for the whole family." The kids had loads of fun playing with Dadaw. Who knew he was so spry??

First, a shot of the invitees, before the rehearsal dinner.

Fletcher and a very tired daddy chilling between wedding events.

Dadaw testing Fletcher's chugsing skills. (They're pretty good.)

Here are pictures of Bear's birthday party with Grammie, which I was obliged to orchestrate, per my last post ...

Milla wanted to get dressed up too! (And dance.)

This part is almost like a flipbook -- you can see the skills involved in helping Vaughn do a backward summersault.

In an unrleated picture, F demonstrates that when he is not working on his serious dude skills, he's practicing to be one of his sisters.

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Susan said...

Yes, Dadaw does look like fun! And your babies are adorable. I want yall to come to Cole's wedding in Austin this summer. Big fun.

Love, Susan