15 February 2011

Fletcher's bday song

We had a Superbowl party, which was actually a pre-Superbowl party, since we're old and have three kids and all. It was a very nice day and there were many beverages consumed, and much buffalo chicken dip eaten. I made carrot cake muffins so that we could sing to Fletcher, because he'd never had a large group sing to him on his birthday, and since I haven't made the effort to make him any friends yet, I figured this was our best bet. You can see he's slightly scared at first, and then asks for us to do it "'gain."

What's interesting is that we now sing "Happy Birthday" twice while brushing teeth to make sure we do it long enough (now that I type it out, surely I've got that timing off; surely that's still not long enough), so it's kind of lost its luster ... but then somehow it hasn't, considering Fletcher still claps when his teeth are done being brushed.

Anyway, here's our dude, a few weeks shy of his second birthday ...


Molly said...

I like how we're all singing in a different key. :) I think the "Happy Birthday" song twice is = to the amount of time you should wash your hands. I don't know about brushing teeth... maybe it's the same.

SB said...

ah yes. i think you're right. and dangit!