22 February 2011

Fletcher is 2

It's official: our guy is 2.

Fletcher didn't seem to notice that it was his birthday. We did sing to him, which I mentioned we do twice in a row every night anyway, so that didn't really have much effect. Also, Fletch doesn't really like cake or cupcakes or even candy or brownies or chocolate, so he had marshmallows for breakfast, rather than the usual birthday confection. Ah well. He's still 2!!

He got this Radio Flyer trike from us, which he loves, but which his legs aren't quite long enough for yet, so he'll have to grow into it. I keep thinking it's better than the smaller version, which would surely be too small for him in about 2 months. He calls it his "bike." (Also notice the "birthday crown" Vaughn lent him, which he is always begging to wear.)

We went to the doctor today for Fletcher's checkup and he weighs 28lbs 10.5oz (so close to the booster!!) (50th to 75th percentile) and is 37 inches long (over 95th percentile). He's tall and lanky like Daddy.

Fletcher likes to "pay the balls" (play with balls), "pay the shoes" (try on his sisters' shoes) and "pay the bubbles." (You can figure that one out.) He also loves to eat "shraw" (strawberries), "pepples" (pretzels), anything with "pea-butter" on it and "mawsh" (marshmallows). He loves almost all music and is very opinionated about it -- we either hear "turn UP, mommy!" or "no, no, no like music, mommy" constantly. I'm pretty sure that he thinks when he grows up he'll be a big girl, like Vaughn, and get to wear headbands.

Fletcher is the best reason to get up in the morning, and the sweetest thing to check on before I go to sleep every night. He is truly, truly, the sweetest, happiest, funniest boy I've ever met. He completes our family and helps us all love each other more. Happy birthday, little dude!

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Sarah said...

He's the prettiest birthday princess I ever saw. HAPPY BDAY BUDDY.