17 January 2011

"Kelly's" "birthday party"

Vaughn's friend Sofie had a birthday party for her American Girl doll on Sunday. Vaughn and another friend were invited and they brought along their American Girls, too. You never would have known the Golden Globes were the same day. There were fashion crises, attendants' identities in question and lots of food discussion. I would say it all went over quite swimmingly, considering how excited Vaughn was when she got home. So of course we had to throw a birthday party today for Vaughn's American Girl doll, who is apparently named Kelly.

So ... Kelly ... had a large spread and, as Sofie's forte seemed to be intricate decoration, Vaughn's must be elaborate organization. Milla was invited, as was her American Girl doll. But then Milla asked if she could bring her bear, which resulted in a total guest list of 2 big girls, 2 woozies, 3 American Girls and a bear. See for yourself.

I baked banana bread this morning in anticipation and even *gasp* let the girls have some Coke Zero. They ate on a Carolina blue tea set. It was actually quite lovely and very fun.

We're going to have a birthday party for Bear next week. :)

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