13 January 2011

At last, Christmas pictures

So it's taken me awhile. I blame it on my laze.

First are some of Fletcher at the Magic House in St Louis. This place is amazing. It's like Marbles times 50. Really, there is no way you could ever get through the whole thing in one day. Impossible. I'm thinking maybe you could do it in two days but just to be sure you'd need three, and to really have fun you'd need an entire week. I'm so not kidding. Check him out ... (the kids were all in hog heaven).

Here are a few of Christmas morning. Grandma and Papa had a huge tree with 1000 lights on it. The kids were in awe.

As is typical, I didn't get any shots of the (second-)best parts of the vacation, which were our niece Elizabeth, Mark's family and in-laws, and the snow. So much snow! But we did get this priceless capture of Fletcher's recognizing "Papa" at his sisters' favorite restaurant (Taco Bell/KFC).

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Sarah said...

LOVE. Give everyone a squeeze for me. (Maybe not Mark, that would be inappropriate. You can high-five him.)