07 December 2010

The sweetest bean in the world

Milla fell whilst running in the street on Friday afternoon. For such a minor fall, we had some major drama afterward. We panicked over what to do about a cracked tooth on Friday evening, but our dentist recommended going to the ER on Saturday morning after some rest so that we could have the tooth extracted with sedation, which our dentist is not able to provide. We were relieved, for many reasons, but among them were that my college roommate, Sarah, was in town, and we had Mark's company Christmas party on Friday night as well.

On Saturday morning, the ER docs told us that the tooth didn't need to be extracted, that it wasn't at risk for infection and that they didn't even need to consult the dentist on call ... which was a major relief to this vain mommy! And which was also WRONG, since our dentist pulled it, without sedation, yesterday morning.

Milla was so brave. I mean, SO BRAVE. She did not shed a tear. She has not yet shed a tear over the whole ordeal. She is proud of her missing tooth, excited to be visited by the tooth fairy, thrilled to share the nasty evidence at show-n-share next week, and clearly elated to have lost a tooth before her older sister.

Still, the reality of this hole in our beautiful girl's face for the next 3-4 years is a little hard to bear.

As I keep saying, she's fine. I'm not.

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Sarah said...

Love her and her awesome new grin. So brave.