07 December 2010

The rest of this wacky weekend

Sorry these posts are out of order. It's making sense to me while I write them anyway!

My college roommate, Sarah, came to visit from Dallas this weekend, and among the things she endured (babysitting while we went to Mark's Christmas party, for example, and the panic over The Tooth) was my children. They loved her!! And she took a zillion pictures, so unfortunately it escaped me to take my own. Most of the time.

I did, however, get some shots at the Kentucky/UNC game that she literally dragged me to. I mean, I did not want to go and watch us lose. But I went, reluctantly, and WE WON AND IT WAS AWESOME.

A decent shot of Tyler Zeller, who was the man that afternoon, with his 'mates.

And the final score, which tells all.

And the snowman my children had made by the time we got home.

Yeah, when we left the Dean Dome, huge, beautiful snowflakes were falling all around us. It was all fun and games until we spent 30 minutes walking back to the car and were soaking wet and freezing. Ah well. At least we got this snowman upon arrival.

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Sarah said...

Viva Vandegrifts! Had so much freaking fun.