02 November 2010

Vaughn's birthday/Halloween

The two events do seem to run together, and unfortunately this year, I managed to forget my camera at the "big girl party." Rats! We took four of Vaughn's friends to a pizza place in downtown Durham, and then we drove to a cafe/bakery near Dook campus for the most outrageously gluttonous cake I've ever seen. I thought all the driving was going to be high-maintenance (long story how that came about), but as it turns out, it was by far the highlight of the evening: driving together in our car. Yea Honda Pilot that can hold five girls (and more)! Again, sadly no pictures, but believe me, it was everything you'd expect ... girls giggling and practically running into traffic, all of it.

The actual day of Vaughn's birthday was really busy, with leftover cake and cupcakes (from school party) for breakfast, Milla's soccer game, leftover pizza for lunch, and UNC Homecoming game. And of course, Taco Bell ("Pa") for dinner!

Vaughn is really huge and really sweet and I swear, I'm going to have to take her to the mall so she can "meet her friends" (code words for scope out boys) sometime very soon. It's heartbreaking. Look at her.

On Halloween, Milla had a birthday party in the morning.

After quiet time Mark carved a pumpkin with the kids and then we got dressed to trick-or-treat. Guess who actually participated! That's right: VAUGHN! She was Charlotte LaBouff, Tiana's best friend from The Princess and the Frog. And of course, Milla was Tiana. What a lovely evening! Lots of candy and all kids in bed at 9. (Which was fine, considering Mark and I were both convinced for days, and until Sunday morning at 8am, that it was the weekend Daylight Savings Time ended, so we'd been keeping the kids up late for days already. Dorks.)

And here's a pic of Fletch's new hairdo. The PT said we have to do something with it, so this is what I did.

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Hi, SB. They are lovely!!