04 September 2010

A couple of notes

Again, we have yet to purchase a still camera, so I apologize for the lack of pictures, which exacerbates the lack of posts ...

* Vaughn started kindergarten on Monday and she is having a blast! She comes home tired but full of reports about her day. She is riding the bus home from school and loving that too. She even bought chocolate milk at school on Wednesday, and had the school lunch on Friday! Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

* Reading is Vaughn's new favorite past time -- well, after cards, and let me tell you: that girl is a card shark! She has outrageous card sense and can beat your pants off in gin rummy. (She'll be six in 2 months.) I've asked her teacher to send home early readers, and she does get tired/frustrated after reading a page, but she is capable of reading a whole book. Insane.

* Fletcher had his 18-month check the week before last and our dude is finally a true Vandegrift: 90th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. That's our guy. The cutest thing he's saying these days is "shoe-y" for shoe. Hysterical.

* Milla also had her three-year check this past week and she's tall too! It's funny -- last year I put her in 3T clothing mainly because I was tired of her 2T clothes, even though she really wasn't big enough for them yet. Now she's in 4T! She grew a ton this summer and looks more and more like a J Crew model with each passing day. Scary.

* We're eagerly awaiting the birth of Mark's first blood-related niece/nephew. This one happens to be a niece! Can't wait to meet her.

* Carolina football is ... well, at least it's consistent through the years. Hook 'em!!

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Sarah said...

Love the updates. Keep 'em coming.