23 May 2010

V's graduation + music on the lawn

Vaughn has been talking a lot about her "graduation" since it happened. I have to admit, it was even more anticlamatic than I thought it would be ... all that happened was she and her fellow pre-K'ers sang a bunch of songs, and then they had their names read out by their teachers (and repeated by the director of the preschool, who called Vaughn "Dawn," which I still don't really understand) while they were given diplomas. I think the fact that her teacher gave her a book called The Graduation Party -- it's a Clifford book, to boot -- has really made it all the more dramatic, but I swear, it wasn't a big deal until the GRADUATION took place. Now it's all she can talk about. "Milla finished the purple room, but I graduated!" Etc. It's been loads of fun! No, but here are some pictures from the big day. Our little girl is a kindergartener now!!

Vaughn on stage:

Vaughn and her friend Ava:


Vaughn and her best friend Kaylie:

That was Thursday. On Friday Grandma and Papa got here and we went to the tobacco campus/district in downtown Durham and saw some music on the lawn. It was a packed event! The entertainment was lacking but it was a fun atmosphere and we got to drink beer outside in the grass with some hep kats, including Katie and Charlie.

Here's a pic of me and Tats at the thing (ignore my double chin; I'm leaning, after all):

I have some video from the graduation (actually, a lot of it), but I have to look at it and then do the time-consuming youtubeLOAD, so it'll be a day or two before I get it up.

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