28 April 2010

Try to keep a straight face

Vaughn and Milla were fighting again while Mark and I were eating dinner this evening. I very patiently (this patience is a result of Mark's presence, following his elongated absence) asked Milla to come into the kitchen. She is the noise-maker, see, even though Vaughn is the instigator, and what we really want is quiet, not necessarily peace.

So Milla came in and I asked her what was wrong. Something about Vaughn not letting her have something. It's very hard to understand her broken English as it is -- even harder when she's screaming and practically hyperventilating. As I was telling her that they need to be nice to each other, Milla started picking her nose and eating her boogers. Also, Vaughn entered the room. Thus my advice unfolded like so:

"Milla, you need to be nice to Vaughn, and remember that Vaughn needs to be nice to you, too, and please don't eat your boogies."

Whereupon Vaughn chimed in without missing a beat: "But boogies taste good. They do!"

We all laughed hysterically (straight faces impossible) and I'm sure the lesson wasn't learned but it was a good break from all the screaming. Then I told Vaughn that if she thinks boogies taste good, she must really be craving salt, so the next time she wants to eat her boogie, she should come downstairs and get a cracker. We'll see how that goes ...

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