09 April 2010

Spring break in Texas

We just got back from five days in Texas. I could mentally summarize by telling you where we ate: Juan in a Million, Texadelphia, Tres Amigos, Chuy's, Austin's Pizza and Salt Lick. Actually that would be leaving out some other important parts, such as bluebonnets, dress-ups, cousins, a totally swanky 40s diner where my good friend and his band sang old jazz standards, The Clash of the Titans, old friends and strawberry picking. Ah well. When we flew back, it felt like I was leaving home and coming back to a temporary abode again, which I think was a mutual feeling for Vaughn ... though there is no doubt we were all happy to be in our house and in our beds again. There is never enough time to do everything we want to do in A-town, and Grammie and Dadaw were particularly good sports at helping us do as much as we possibly could.

Here are some pictorial/video highlights anyway. (Give us a break, too. It's not easy to try to film things, have fun and take care of 3 small kids at the same time.)

(It's also important to know that "bluebonnet pictures," which are pictures taken in the state of Texas' wildflower expanse, were a large part of my childhood, and I haven't seen bluebonnets in maybe 8 years, so this was a big deal and we had to take a lot. We actually didn't get nearly as many as I wanted.)

Easter dress-ups (too bad I didn't get their very cute Easter dresses):

My cousins Genevieve and Lillian, who came with their parents for Easter dinner:

The other sisters' turn for bluebonnet pictures:

Fletchy's turn a little later:

Grammie and her fair-haired Vandegrift grandchildren:

Um, priceless:

Strawberry picking:

On the strawberry farm:

In the go-cart, full of typical Vaughn giggles:

At the Salt Lick:

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