29 March 2010

Typical Sunday morning

Just about every Sunday morning we go to Lowe's. Even if there's nothing we need, we'll make the trip, just because it's quiet and there are TONS of people who want to help you, which I love.

I actually had to go tonight, at 9:30pm on a Monday, to exchange a light fixture that Mark wanted to hang this evening. And yes, they are open till 10 on weeknights. But that place is brand new, and the people are so nice, and it's so clean and enormous (all those things that sicken me in most places, but maybe if that's how you envision your dream home, it's how you'd like your Lowe's-ish place to be), I'll go there any time at all really. "My" parking space was even open and waiting for me.

Anyway, here are the kids this past weekend, which was another big one: two gallons of paint ("Autumn Fog"), shower door installation, two kinds of ant killer and grout sealer. Whoop! Here come the Vandegrifts! (Notice how spoiled little Fletchy gets to take his blanky with him everywhere now. It's a big piece of our goal toward QUIET.)

Usually we have the race car cart, but somehow I guess we didn't get there early enough this weekend. Maybe everyone else is figuring out how nice that place is on a Sunday morning, too. No, they're horning in on our family time!

(What do you think Lowe's will do without us next weekend while we're on vacation?)

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