12 March 2010

Funny things kids say

This morning, Milla wouldn't get out of bed so I said to her, "Why don't you want to get out of bed, honey?" And she said, "Because I don't want Vaughn to ruin my fort." And I said, "Where's your fort?" And Milla said, "Right here!" When we finally got into the kitchen, I repeated the story to Mark. Vaughn overheard me and very dramatically said, "Milla, I would never ruin your fort!" Because, you know, Vaughn knows all about forts' being ruined and how much that sucks.

And just now, during snack, Vaughn said, "I'll tell you everyone's full name -- middle, first and last! Sara Manning Vandegrift, Mark Frederick Vandegrift, Vaughn Manning Vandegrift, Milla Cabouchoux Vandegrift and Fletcher David Vandegrift." We really heart her.

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