01 March 2010

Big time travel

Well, it was for us. We spent the day in wonderful Raleigh on Saturday. (I say that with some sarcasm. If we thought it was that wonderful, we would go more often.) We really had a great day! It took a bit of planning and lot of flexibility, but we made it happen. We started off with a trip to Marbles Kids Museum, where we met the Grays (Mark, Aparna and Sourav), whom we befriended in London. Fabulous kids' museum!

After lunch at Armadillo Grill, we went to Boyd's house, where Milla and Fletcher had short naps. (Yea!) It was fun to see Boyd ... even though I see Boyd every once in a while, it's never enough, and I rarely have my family with me. And hey, Carolina won a game!!

Then we went to our friends' (Mike and Anna) house. I used to live there, before the house was TOTALLY redone, so it's always fun to visit, and they are some of our favorite people. If they only lived closer ... boy, are we spoiled -- it's only 30 minutes away! No pictures from that visit, which is too bad because they had two dogs with whom to play and of course Fletcher and Milla were in hog heaven. Meanwhile, Vaughn "gardened" in the backyard, so it was fun for everyone.

And here is a pic from my trip to Florida last weekend. The lady who took it clearly wanted us to remember the view, huh? Yea friends! Can you believe we've been close since we were 12? We are very lucky gals.

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