17 February 2010

Fletcher is 1

Cannot believe it. Our baby boy is one year old today. It still gives me the chills and makes me feel like I'm going to fall out of my chair when I remember Mark saying, "It's a boy!!" I have never cried so hard for joy in my life. We are so blessed. Really. Check out our littlest, spoiledest, only son ...

Likes the singing.

Doesn't like red velvet cupcakes.

Still likes Corn Chex.

Can't open gifts. (That's what older sisters are for, it turns out.)

A little overwhelmed by the gifts.

Reading with Grandma.

Mexican dinner. (I figured it was my last year to choose where to eat on someone else's birthday. Next year -- GASP -- Fletcher will have an opinion and actually need to eat somewhere in particular. Oy.)

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