03 January 2010

Back to the grind

The girls haven't been to school in two weeks, and out of the last 16 days, Mark has been to work five of them! Vacation is over, people! So right -- I'm trying to get my head together too, and here are some pictures from recent times (months? sorry).

A picture of the cake we (Angie) had made for Molly's baby shower. She had her babies!! Graham and Caroline were born on Christmas Eve and I'm so excited to meet them if things ever calm down over there! Two thumps and a peace sign to my boy Coop.

Daddy and Fletcher watching basketball. Good times. Fletcher really digs it. Either that, or he really likes sitting on his daddy's lap and watching the moving colored lights.

Milla in her new rain coat from Uncle Dave and Aunt Holly. She did not want to take it off all day!

The girls in their new dress-ups: Vaughn in Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) and Milla in Tinkerbell (over her jammies).

Vaughn in her sparkly dress from Grandma and Papa, with matching sparkly dress for her American Doll. This was a HUGE hit. I think it might be the only thing that got her to church on Christmas Eve -- the opportunity to dress up and show people her matching doll.

Vaughn's gingerbread house! Can you believe it? I did a lot of the construction but apparently she (with Mark's help) did all the design! Well done, our little Veebus.

Shmoops. She got an easel (for which she's been begging for years) from Grammie and Dadaw and she couldn't wait to try it out. Here is her second or third "Beautiful Day." That was about the last warm-ish day we've had, and at this point I wonder if I'll ever thaw.

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