23 December 2009


It's not that I've been so terribly busy. It's that I haven't taken many pictures lately, and I don't really like to post without pictures, because I know that's what people are really looking for. SURELY I'll get some at Christmas. But here are a few updates from day-to-day life ...

* Fletcher is getting some more PT. He is holding his jaw to his right and sucking his bottle out of the left side of his mouth. I admit we're not being as diligent about this as we were before. He's come such a long way! And the exercises are so ... TEDIOUS. But he is doing better already.

* Fletcher went with Mark to New Jersey for a family event last weekend. He did great! And so did Mark! And so did I, remarkably. Everyone loved meeting him and Mark loved his every clinging moment. (Well, most of them.)

* While the boys were gone, the girls and I did girly things!! We went to see The Princess and the Frog, which was a very big deal for Vaughn, because usually she complains about seeing new movies. She's scared of bad things happening and loud noises. She absolutely loved it, as did we all, including Aunt Katie. Also pretty cool that Milla sat still for almost 2 hours.

* Another injury: Milla managed to tear her frenulum (that piece of skin that attaches your upper lip to your upper gums) pretty badly this past weekend. Huge hole in her mouth, a bit of blood. The doctor said it happens a lot to kids (it happened to me at least once, maybe twice) and that it won't heal, but again, based on previous experience, I'm not so sure about that. Her upper lip is still a tad swollen and she looks like she just had collagen implants. Ha!

* Grandma and Papa were here this past weekend and Grammie and Dadaw are on their way here. We're having a holiday get-together this evening and tomorrow we're going to the Christmas pageant at the church where the girls go to school. Hip hip hooray!

See you on the other side of Christmas, hopefully with pictures ...

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