02 December 2009

Catching up

Whew! We've been busy. Or something.

First we've got a shot of Milla at a birthday party for a classmate (whose mom works for Duke basketball -- don't get me started!). Here she had just made a crown, as it was a princess party. It was lots of fun for her and I'm just starting to get to know the moms in her class, so it was fun for me too.

Chach eating a waffle:

Vaughn got her cast off! Here are the girls immediately afterward, drinking chocolate milkshakes to celebrate. (V still can't quite straighten her right arm, but I guess that will come with time.)

Milla and Fletcher on Daddy's lap in Charlottesville. Yea Thanksgiving!

We had such a nice time at Auntie Millie and Uncle Saul's house. The kids really do entertain each other quite nicely (except for Fletcher). Grammie and Dadaw were there too and the food was amazing! Thank you for having us, Toltons.

The little ones snoozing on the way home:

And finally, our littlest big girl who just transitioned to a big-girl bed! She is doing great so far. I don't know that she's fallen off, or if she has, she got herself back on. We're doing the floor thing for a while and will probably go to a real height in the next two weeks. Next step is potty training so get your patience hats on!!!

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