17 November 2009


So first here is a picture from Vaughn's birthday party that I forgot to post. (Whoops.) The party was a success, by the way! Though I'm pretty sure all you need at a five-year-old's birthday party are pizza, cake and playground. Nuff said.

Also, here are a few photos from our family outing to the Miami/UNC game on Saturday. As Mark said, we were way out of our comfort zone for most of the day! But it was a good time, and worth it, and the way Milla and Fletcher have been acting (not needing a nap and refusing to take one, respectively), there wasn't really much more discomfort than has been the norm for the last week or so. Vaughn actually fared the worst, initially, with the loud noises, but all turned out OK. We look forward to doing it -- and we hope we have the opportunity -- again next year! First is a shot of Luca Raufman, visiting from Atlanta with his mommy, Olivia. He and Fletch are two weeks apart!

Last, here is a shot of our beautiful ("HANDSOME!" as Vaughn often corrects me) nine-month-old baby. He is 3 months away from being a whole year old and I honestly cannot tell you where the last three quarters of a year have gone. I am simultaneously ecstatic to be done with bottles and mornings naps as well as sincerely sad that Baby Time is almost over. We are still so young! And absolutely nothing -- NOTHING -- beats babies. (As long as they're not Milla.)

And one more that I forgot to post of him, inhaling creamed spinach, which he LOVES.

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