01 November 2009

Birthday, Halloween, etc

So here's a picture of Vaughn's cake, with which I admit I didn't try as hard as I normally do. It was a rough week. She asked for strawberry cake with vanilla icing, which it turns out no one really liked. Hmph. There really isn't any good strawberry cake outside of Memphis. Especially not out of a box!

And then here are the girls in their Halloween costumes ... guess what they are!

Unfortunately, Vaughn had a meltdown upon meeting up with her friends to trick-or-treat. She didn't even make it to one house before Mark had to bring her home in hysterics. She helped me pass out candy for the rest of the evening, though, and hopefully next year she'll remember that Halloween isn't really scary. I don't know what we did in her first 3 years to make it a scary event, but somehow it is for her.

... not so much for Milla. She's an old pro already!

When Milla got home with all her exciting candy, Vaughn was very helpful in putting it into a "candy train." Maybe that will be a big draw for V next year, too.

And then, just for good measure, here's a sweet picture of Chachi, who was too sick to trick-or-treat this year. He's finally getting better and we're almost out of the woods with the swine flu!!

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