26 October 2009

What we've been up to

Chachi is superactive and all over the place. He is just trying to find something that's the right height for pulling up. So far all he's found is the bathtub, which is absolutely terrifying when you're trying to bathe him.

He is teething like mad and usually unable to eat, thus unable to sleep, repeat. Actually, yesterday I figured out that he likes blueberries enough to get really excited about eating them. THANK YOU to whomever (Grandma/Grammie) bought them and put them in our freezer.

Milla has the flu. A kid in her class had it -- even came to school with a fever! who does that? -- and she's a thumb-sucker, so here we are. She's on Tamiflu but it's not helping much. Vaughn got a fever today and now she's got the flu, too. We have a prescription for her for Tamiflu but we're not filling it. Yet. Got one for Fletch, too, just in case.

Oh, and Vaugn's trip to the pediatrician this afternoon was her second doctor appointment for the day ... the first was to confirm what we feared: her arm is broken. She was playing in the backyard with her Virginia cousins on Friday night when she tripped and fell in her rain boots. (It was muddy and she only has one pair of shoes for school so I insisted she wear her rain boots. Whoops.) The gash in her knee was so big that at first no one noticed her arm's swelling -- not even her. Of course, only time will tell:

In other news, we're seeding/grading the backyard, and pre-injury, Vaughn was helping out our friend Brendan. (This is a terrible picture, but it's the best one I've got so try to picture it. Sweet banged-up girl wants to be a gardener when she grows up.)

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