17 October 2009

Recent pictures

I've been bad about taking pictures lately and even worse about posting them. Sorry.

First we have pics of Milla's "come and play day" at school. As you could expect from a class of two-year-olds, they don't play so much together as they do side by side. I honestly think the whole day was planned to force the moms to get to know each other. Which, to be honest, is fine with me. I need to know those ladies. Milla fell flat on her face at one point after jumping off the sand box, and she didn't shed a tear. She just got up and ran off. Unbelievable. Her older sister still isn't capable of that!

Next we have a visual image of what it's like to try to shop with three kids in tow. They're actually being lovely for the camera, but if you can't tell, all Chachi wants to do is eat things, pick things up, crawl into things. And then try to imagine the girls fighting over absolutely everything: specific shoe boxes, specific seats in which normal people might try on said shoes, who gets to open the door, etc. Whew.

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