06 October 2009

Breakthrough day!

The physical therapist came today, and after rehashing the events on Saturday (that was the day Fletcher participated in a pediatric PT conference and we were about halfway through learning a new technique when I noticed a strand of hair had coiled around one of his toes and had cut into it such that it was bleeding and pus-y and crusty so we had to leave to go to urgent care), she continued teaching me the technique we started this weekend.

At first I was skeptical. It seemed like a lot more work than the last technique. Fletcher didn't like all the "checks." I couldn't put them all into percentages. I quickly realized all that didn't matter because all I really have to do is perform all of them and BAM! -- he crawls. I'm not even kidding. Of course, you're supposed to concentrate on one, but my guess he just needs a little tweaking here and there and it's on.

For those who didn't know, he has been crawling, but dragging his left leg, rather than bending that knee into a proper crawl. Susan figured out which exercise was his weakest and we worked that one only ... and then he crawled properly ... A BUNCH! This is such huge progress. She said she wouldn't come back until he acquired a new skill, like pulling up. Can you believe it? His neck is straight. His head is straight. His bum is even. His jaw is relatively straight. I AM SO EXCITED FOR OUR LITTLE CHACHI!!

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