17 September 2009

Some photos on a Thursday

First of all, we had a fantastic weekend in the mountains with Jill, Jared and Watson. For some reason I didn't take many pictures ... maybe because we were SO chilled out, it just didn't occur to me a lot of the time. Aside from our sickness overtaking the weekend (again, sorry to the Danfords for the long Friday night that was Fletcher's screaming) (and sorry for the sickness, too), it was very fun! Here are some pics:

Jill and Watson, pre-"hike." The hike was up the hill and then back down the hill to the playground in the woods. Seriously -- in the woods.

Mark and the little ones on their way back from visiting the river. Which we couldn't really visit. But it was pretty. The two thumb-suckers!

The girls on the walk back up the very long driveway.

An Irish cow. There were also bunnies, a herd of overfriendly goats, tiny ponies smaller than the Danfords' weimerauners, bison and a dog.

Fletcher, having his first French fry at the Wendy's in Statesville. Awww, class.

And then, another of Fletcher eating broccoli today at lunch. You can see it in his mouth!

And one of Vaughn's 'do. AKA, Hair Design By Vaughn. She actually asked me to do her hair this way this morning. It's feeling very '80s to me.

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