22 September 2009

A shout to our moms

(I've been meaning to post this for a while.)

When I was little my mom would tell me that she never stopped wanting to have more babies. I thought she was insane. She wasn't one of those Baby Holders, you know, but she really did love babies. So it was no surprise when Vaughn came into the world that she just wanted to "play with that baby." Constantly. And so did Mark's mom.

At some point I remember thinking, "What's the big deal anyway?" And now that our third is already growing out of his baby stage, I finally get it. I do. You only get to do this (X) number of times. And eventually it's over, for whatever reason(s). And then ... well, you just want to keep reliving those baby moments, and have the good ones all over again. Gosh, babies are so awesome!

So thanks to our moms for being so patient with us, in our infancies and now. We like to think we turned out pretty well (!), and we enjoy sharing our babies with you.

Peace out.

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