23 September 2009

I'm outta here

I leave tomorrow for California! My wonderful husband is supporting my decision to go, even with such a tiny little man around, and he's paying for me to go as well. I am blessed in so many ways ... among them is a husband who knows that I need some Sara Time. Sue is here to help while I'm Out Of The Office (thank you!) and I'm tying up some loose ends. Pray for good launch weather.

I must post a few pics before I duck out of here.

Impromptu sister chugs during Sid the Science Kid:

Pictures of "Milla's pictures." Sorry for the glare. Milla and her classmates were instructed to fill up this scrapbook page with pictures of things they like. It melts my heart to look at it. The teachers will put all the pages from the class in a book and the kids will take home the book, one by one, so we can get to know each other. So cool!

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