08 September 2009

First day of school

Today was Milla's first day of school ever! And she did terrifically. The teacher said she was perfect. We dropped her off and she ran to wash her hands. Then I picked her up and she ran out to meet me and put her backpack on. It's as simple as that! It should be a bit harder to get her out to the car tomorrow after dropping Vaughn off. Oy.

Not to be outdone, Vaughn also had a fantastic day. However, with cautions of swine flu she might be out tomorrow -- she does have a cough/cold, you know. *sigh*

(Sassy, trying to keep her sister out of the picture:)


After school, a bunch of the four-year-olds and their families went to the playground. You can see Milla behind Vaughn. It was a really long day for Milla, being a part of things and all. She was sooooo tired and then still refused to take a nap!

Fletcher's ridiculously cute jammies:

(To the left, to the left:)

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