08 August 2009

Just livin'

Sorry for the absence of posting. It was a "busy" week, with Vaughn's last week of summer camp, and Chachi decided to give up his third nap for real, which makes evenings slightly more complicated and a lot more ... fun?

Fletcher's PT is going great. The PT said this week that he's only showing tightness in one place and more than anything he's just got weakness, which is a major improvement over all the tightness he had in various places when we started. He's spinning around in cirlces on his tummy (usually to the left but we're working on the right) and we should expect him to army crawl very soon. I'm not ready! I don't know if I can handle any more growing up ...

Vaughn is in size six clothing! Where have my babies gone? Milla is talking in full sentences and making jokes. It is sincerely crazy around here.

We painted the dining room this weekend, but don't get excited if you're expecting to see color next time you're here. We're still all about the neutrals -- it's a grey/green and sort of tan. More soon!

Look at that head held up high and (pretty much) in the middle!

Vaughn and Milla on Vaughn's last day of camp, Splash Day!

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