27 July 2009

Too big for his britches

We just put Chachi in 9-month clothing. Some 12-month. And he's starting to sit up. Lo and behold -- he got his first tooth yesterday! I am not ready for this. But he clearly is. And he is still the happiest kid I have ever seen. Today I heard him wake up from his second nap and laugh for a long time. I checked on him about 20 minutes in and he was asleep again. Bless him.

He is just starting to give up his third nap, which is fine with me. Milla, at almost 25 months, is about to give up her only nap. I just checked on Vaughn, who has a cough, and Milla is up and playing in her crib almost 2 hours after we put her to bed. She's her mommy's girl, poor thing.

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