24 July 2009

A night at Lisa's

On Wednesday, the kids and I drove a mere hour and a half to visit our friend Lisa and her daughters Haven and Sullivan for a 24-hour visit. Lisa and I were in the same birthing class at UNC when pregnant with our first daughters! Haven is 12 days older than Vaughn. And Milla is 20 days older than Sullivan. Wacky. They live on an amazing piece of land in the western piedmont of NC. There are ducks and chickens and a dog and a cat ... actually, the cat may or may not be theirs.

Here are Haven and Vaughn prancing around in their princess undies, as four and a half year olds do:

Milla and Sullie playing with the many doll houses:

Sullie "playing" with Fletcher:

And a wicked game of dress-up:

It was so much fun! We'll have to go back and visit another time, and maybe even leave the house this time. Though clearly it wasn't necessary to do so.

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