04 July 2009

More beach pix

Vaughn has been going on and on about making a sand castle and put an American flag in it. Which is funny because I had the same fantasy as a kid. Must be something we got from Sesame Street. I'm serious. So anyway, we did it.

We also got a not-so-great picture of me and Veebus together in the sand, which I feel obligated to post because there are so few pictures of the adults in our family here.

Here's Mark feeding Chachi on the beach while Milla contemplates going into the water. (She got closer than Vaughn did, by far. I don't think Vaughn ever got wet, but Milla at least got her feet in, and Mark dropped her bum in.)

Mark, on day 8 of no shaving and pool-only bathing. Notice how we're already brain-washing our four-month-old son with "liberal media."

Fletcher and Grandma with a new Tigger squeaky toy from Beth.

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