20 July 2009

Just a couple of things to report

The girls have taken to entertaining Fletcher in the playroom. Here they're playing music for him. Which, obviously, he loves.

Check out that head rotation to the left!!! His physical therapy is going great. He has shown so much improvement already. I know the rest of the road will be slow steps but it's encouraging to see such progress so quickly.

It was Vaughn's idea! But yeah, I said it was OK. All three kids in the bath together ...

Today a friend and I switched girls: I took the little ones and she took the big ones. (Vaughn and Sofie were in the same preschool class this year.) The scenario seemed to have had its bumps on both sides but I still think Stefanie and I preferred it to breaking up fights between our own kids. We met up for Chick-fil-A afterward and it was a grand old time. This is Milla and Lulu in the Barbie Jeep.

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kathy.kudravi said...

Wow! I am out of it. I didn't realize you had another baby! (I like that you call him Chachi!)
Very cute.