04 July 2009

Happy birthday, Milla!

Cupcakes for breakfast, Taco B for lunch and pizza for dinner. What more could a girl ask for? Actually, "cupcakes" meant cupcake ICING. For breakfast. Three servings. Awesome.

The yard people came to mulch and weed whack and and leaf blow at 7am yesterday! And the pool was filthy afterward, which was awful because all Milla wanted to do was get in it. So I used the broken leaf catcher to filter out some of the nasty dirt in the hopes that she could get in. Dave helped with a colander from the kitchen. It sort of worked.

Milla got two new tea sets -- one from each of her on-site aunts -- and she loved them! There is much tension brewing between the sisters over who gets to play with what toys, even though there are about a zillion tea set pieces to claim.

Our little bean is two. Can you believe it? She's going to preschool in the fall. She's all grown up, that little one.

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