01 July 2009

Beach pictures, part I

We got here Sunday and it's been fun in the sun ever since. The girls are having a blast, but I think they prefer the pool. (The "cool," as Milla calls it.) They are even jumping into the pool, which Vaughn hadn't done until yesterday.

We are getting to do all sorts of fun things that we don't normally do, like have ice pops on the deck after bedtime, and read over and over again with Aunt Beth and Grandma ... and Daddy, too.

Today we went to the aquarium, which actually terrified Vaughn in lots of ways, but which Milla is just ignorant enough to love. I swear to god, there were some lobsters that were bigger than Fletcher. He was an incredibly good sport through the whole thing, sucking his thumb and shaking his rattle in the stroller. Sweet dude.

We went to the beach this afternoon, which terrified Milla, and we tried to take Chachi out there too, but it was a bit windy and we ended up covering him in blankets and shade. Sort of.

Hopefully we'll get some better pictures on the beach tomorrow. Or the next day. T minus two days until Milla's second birthday. I cannot believe it!

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