26 June 2009

Neck update

The PT came to our house this morning (hallelujah!) and showed us a few beginners' steps to helping Fletcher's neck get stronger on the other side. It's going to be a very gradual process, but apparently we should see some real improvement over the next few weeks. Every time he reaches a physical development milestone, he will likely regress into his old habit of tilting his head to the side because that is easier on his muscles, so we'll have to get more and less aggressive about the PT as time goes by, retraining the "right" muscles to do whatever it is he's trying so hard to do. I imagine that means we'll be dealing with this beyond the time he learns to walk, but that eventually he should be at least visibly normal, hopefully anatomically as well.

He is such a sweet and happy little guy. We are so happy that he is healthy and active and most of all that he is our son.

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