25 June 2009

Fletchy dude

Fletcher's 4-month checkup was today. He weighs 16 lbs 3 oz (an ounce more than Milla and 8 ounces less than Vaughn at the same age) and has a head circumference of 43cm. He rolled all the way over for the first time on the exam table -- from back to tummy and then over some more to his back again. Big guy! He still has some skin and scalp issues and some constipation but for the most part is a very healthy guy. The pediatrician is concerned that he has torticollis, which upon research of the topic seems very likely to Mark and me, and we have called a pediatric physical therapist. We keep thinking that if this is the worst thing we've encountered among our children in our first 4.5 years as parents, then we're doing well. We're hoping that with some physical therapy he should be fine.

Poor Fletcher also got a bunch of shots -- in his car seat, as I was in a hurry! -- and dealt with them rather well, actually. He's a happy, strong and funny little guy.

More soon. Got some pics today but am feeling lazy as it's late and I wanted to post about Fletch before bed.

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